Saturday, April 03, 2010

a big risk

I've thought often about cyberspace and the wisdom of putting oneself out there. It is a risk, although I to date I have not run foul of it. No internet stalkers, not even real life stalkers hunting me down on facebook. Just me and my thoughts out there with the encouraging comments of friends both real and virtual.

One day, perhaps, I will compose my thoughts on the phenomenon that is facebook. (Not now, as it is late and I am talked out for the night) For now I am going to keep my thoughts to myself and explain a little about my blog.

My posts are but a small window on my world, my thoughts, my life. I do not write down every single activity I undertake. I don't even gather all my thoughts together in this one place - that would be impossible. I simply pen some of what I am pulling together in my head. I am a work in progress, and the process of pulling together will never be complete. I will never have all the answers figured out, my t's won't all be crossed, my i's might not be dotted, not everything will be reduced to a box or category. What you see here is me in all my muddledness and imperfection. It is me, but only a small part of all that is me.

In truth I think we are all in this situation - a work in progress without the answers figured out. So let us be gracious with each other as we let people into our attempts to do our best to walk through life well.


At 9:28 pm, April 04, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

I am afraid of The Facebook but now every man and hid dog, radio station and everything has a FB page. I jst don't think I want one.
You are right, we are all so obsessed by ourselves, and we worry so much what other people will think, but they are busy worrying about themselves!!


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