Thursday, April 01, 2010

too big a commitment perhaps

Unless it is leading up to November, I usually ignore NaBloPoMo notifications. Daily posting nearly kills me for that month, to the point that NaBloPoMo is becoming sufficient for the entire year - I can barely bring myself to post outside the November craziness.

Time to rein in the blogging malaise - after all, I did post recently about the need to write more, writing being good for the soul.

So I read the NaBloPoMo email, thought 'big' might be a reasonable enough theme for April, and decided to give it a go. Of course, there is an exit clause... I'm not signing up on the NaBloPoMo website, just saying I'll try and write. No need to announce this little attempt at regularity to the world. There is a high chance of failure! In view of my recent blogging silence, this is a big commitment. (Theme: tick)

On the upside, I got up at 6am every day this week and wrote a journal. I could be on a writing role.

And the moon was big and bright and beautiful as it set on one side of the sky and a smear of light spread on the other. (Theme: double tick)



At 9:59 am, April 02, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

I think if you have a small goal it is easy to meet and even exceed it!! Love your ticks!!

At 2:38 pm, April 02, 2010, Blogger merrymishaps said...

You can do it :)

At 9:52 pm, April 02, 2010, Blogger cecily said...

Thanks for the encouragement girls :-) You dragged me out of my malaise today!


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