Wednesday, January 13, 2010

it will be good

Now is as good a time as any to confess I am a little intellectually lazy on occasions. Not that I don't think or ponder or puzzle (there is some cogitation going on), but I see no point in arguing for arguments sake. If there is no way to prove a point one way or another, I prefer to conserve my energy, and refuse to engage. There are positives to this (saves time, keeps relationships on a smoother tack), but like I said, sometimes it's laziness. Perhaps there is a solution or truth to be found... I just can't be bothered finding it.

One such topic I avoid is the creation versus evolution debate. Pointless. Were you there? No. Was I? Again no. Let's save our breath and be amazed that we even exist, and leave the detail to God. (Oh I forgot to say, I believe in God... an unprovable being you might suggest. I agree, so let's agree to disagree. There. No argument. See how good this could really be.)

I could add countless other topics to my list, topics too many evangelical protestants tie themselves up in knots over: Was Jonah really swallowed by a whale before being spat up on the beach? Is the story of the ark real? Does hell exist, or will the evil people just cease to be, while the good ones hover in paradise? What will happen to the people who never got a chance to hear about Jesus, leave alone choose to believe in him? (Don't know. Possibly. Hard to say without going there. I'm no judge)

Maybe some of these things are important, but what's the point of arguing. Like I said - were we there? Nope. Let's hang up the boxing gloves and agree there are some mysteries in this strange faith we hold to.

And then there's heaven. What? Where? Who? How? Of course I like to imagine what it might be like. I have a few questions for God hidden up my sleeve, and I quite like the idea of a gigantic home theatre where I can select moments from history and have a quick view. I'm particularly keen to check out that war when Moses held his arms up, then his friends held his arms up, because while he had them in the air the Israelites were winning. Impressive stuff. I'm still figuring out, however, how I will be able to view a war in heaven, where it is said there is no death or fear or tears. Much as I would like this DVD entertainment system to be possible, I might have to live without it.

So heaven overwhelms me. I know it is supposed to be all goodness and light and love, but won't we get bored? And how can I ever choose to be good all the time? And forever... that is a really, really, really long time.

We were discussing all this in our little 'Curious' group tonight when my friend suggested one possibility. Perhaps we will be so caught up in a euphoric crowd moment (that lasts forever) that we will be swept up in the goodness and forever forget everything else. We began imagining what this might be like, and this is what we came up with: the concert in Chicago last September, when a whole crowd danced as one to the Black Eyed Peas 'I got a feelin'. What a buzz. What a moment. All focused on one thing, everyone having a good time, total participation. I like that.

So let's not argue about how heaven might be, where it is, who will get in. Let's think of ways in which it might be wonderful. (and hope everyone gets in)

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At 1:07 am, January 14, 2010, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

This is powerful for me Cecily. I read this to a friend this morning; it was just perfect for a start of the morning. I saw the video too, my gosh, how amazing!

At 5:29 pm, January 17, 2010, Blogger Cherie said...

Really good, Cecily, and just the hopeful positive vibe I need right now.


I showed it to Cassie and Caroline and they're going to put it up on their Facebook and blogs. You are so cool!


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