Friday, January 29, 2010


Oops. January is nearly over and I haven't written down my goals for 2010. They are there, in my head, they just haven't become tangible. Part of me thinks "how terrible, you ain't gonna go nowhere" and another part of me scoffs "goals are overrated. Live life as it comes and do the best with what you have each day." I imagine there is truth in both. What goals I do have flow on from steps I started making last year. They are not that startling if you look at at my activities of 2009.

So. No goals, and I didn't make any resolutions either. I spent New Years Eve watching inane movies and viewing the local fireworks from a friend's fabulous verandah overlooking the city. No resolutions, no broken promises. I like it.

Actually that is not quite all true. I did make one resolution. Every time I made a purchase with my credit card I chose to sign because I had no idea what my PIN was. I got a little tired of it all, always joking my head was full of too many numbers without another one, and tap, tap, tapping my foot while the machine printed out the receipt for me to sign. I decided 2010 was the year to get a new PIN and learn it...

Consider it done! I've been to the bank, made the request, committed the number to memory and used it three times.


Now to get onto those other goals, write them down and do them!



At 5:10 pm, January 29, 2010, Blogger luke said...

Woo. Big stuff. :D

At 5:58 pm, January 29, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

I don't make resolution because I just can't keep them and hen I feel bad. I am better wit smaller achievable goals. Those I can do!!!
I think I saw you the other day at the Jimmy's corner, crossing over to walk through the park. I had Lorelai Gilmore in the car and I didn't yell out the window!!!


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