Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm sorry little spider

It's spider season again.

A couple of weeks ago we found a gigantic white tail (huge, absolutely huge. had to be a female) in one of the bedrooms. Not ours thankfully, although that reality didn't make all that much difference to my bedtime peace of mind, especially after I found a jumping spider in the bed when I changed the sheets. Usually we'll preserve the lives of spiders, but white tails do not fit in that category. Extermination is the order of the day. So Frank carefully flicked the white tail to the floor - but in an effort to spare the wall a gigantic smear, he failed to make a fatal blow. The white tail ran behind the cupboard and that was the last we saw of her for quite some time. Not nice. Thankfully while I was away last Thursday night, said white tail crept out of her dark hidey hole, Frank whacked her hard, and that was that.

So the white tail is gone, but other little creepy crawlies still abound. Tonight it was a ladybird larvae - how on earth it found its way inside I don't know! Last night it was a friendly jumping spider hanging around the kitchen sink. I did warn it, run away now or risk drowning, but it just crawled in between a couple of dishes and started licking up the remains of the meal. I picked up the dish, intending to flick it safely out of harms way, but unfortunately I flicked it into a puddle of water. Quick as I was to rescue it, the little fella never recovered. It crawled off to a corner, slowly curled up, and died.

Well I think it died. This morning it looked well and truly a goner... but tonight it isn't where I left it. Did it recover to live another day, or (shudder, shudder) did a giant spider come and devour it? I'm going with the resuscitation theory - the other option just doesn't bear thinking about!

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