Sunday, September 28, 2008

farm fantastic

This city-farm-in-the-backyard thing is getting a little out of hand.

Today I planted seeds for fourteen different vegetables while four chickens, one rooster and three sheep looked on. By the swelling of the stomachs it appears two sheep might be pregnant.

It's out of control. Please. Take them all back. I can't cope any longer! (I'll keep the seeds though thanks)

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At 11:30 am, September 30, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

Way cool that you have agrarian influences all around. And yay for you that you are planting seeds!

As you plant, I harvest. Still getting green beans, got a few tomatoes left to pluck, and the herbs, well they are always hearty fellows, aren't they.

I'm ready for a break from the weeding, watering, tending, and harvesting. Bulging freezer and spice cabinets attest that I have been a busy busy girl!

Good luck on your gardening endeavors this year, Cecily! And tell me true, is Clive going to be a Papa?


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