Sunday, September 14, 2008

i am not disorganised

I was just describing my crazy weekend to a friend. The weekend is a follow on to the crazy week which is a follow on to the crazy month.

She thought I sounded disorganised because I was crazily trying to catch up on several loads of washing after a week with no (environmentally friendly, privately bought) washing powder.

I would like to suggest I am not disorganised, rather oversubscribed. Too much to do in too few hours. This actually requires me to be super organised just to fit everything in, but sometimes little (or big) jobs fall through the cracks, giving a semblance of mayhem.

Anyway, I had better stop wasting time blogging and rather get back to packing and organising myself to be cook at a camp for 20 primary school children this week. Oh yay.

Now where did I pack my menu planner again?

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At 12:45 pm, September 15, 2008, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

I'm beginning to think women are all crazy, we overload ourselves so much.

Being busy is good, right? I guess it's good as long as it doesn't burn us out.

At 6:01 pm, September 15, 2008, Blogger Mike S said...

The camp cook job actually sounds rather enjoyable. I did that for a slightly older group a couple times and had great fun.

At 3:30 am, September 16, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

I'm agreeing with Mike here.

You'll probably come home more refreshed than exhausted for having served the kids with your cooking skills. The craziness yields insight and fun - if you let it.


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