Sunday, April 08, 2007

autumn in australia

It's autumn in Australia. - and most of the southern hemisphere I guess. In fact all of the southern hemisphere! I necessarily focus on Australia because I live here.

While northern hemisphere blogs are positively budding with life and spring blossoms, we are gearing up for winter. Cold, grey winter. Yes, I know... miserable isn't it? Don't you feel sorry for me?! (Secretly I hope it's a wet winter because we badly need rain)

I've been looking with envy at all the online pictures of spring, wishing it was me rejoicing over life and colour and warmth. Nothing beats that feeling of delight as coats are discarded, the sun angles higher in the sky, and plants burst forth from hibernation. It's like being reborn. Flooded with energy afresh.

At one point I stopped looking at the computer screen for long enough to start observing the world around me here. Suddenly I noticed the trees turning, colouring the scenery with a marvelous array of gold and orange and brown. There's a stillness and quiet in the air as nature prepares to bunker down for the winter. Leaves gently float to the ground, their task done, duty complete for another season.

No, autumn doesn't give me that wonderful buzz like spring does, but it is beautiful in its own way. It speaks of the ebb and flow of life, the sparkling moments counterbalanced by times of subdued reflection. Of taking time to rest and and be restored, nourishing oneself after a time of busyness.

The older I get (and the less energy I have!) the more I desire to attune myself to nature. Moving with the cycle of the seasons seems a helpful way to survive in a world of continual happenings.

So while you laugh and dance and twirl in the lushness of a spring-world reborn, I shall be turning inward, slowing down and allowing myself time to repair.

That's the theory anyway!

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At 4:00 pm, April 08, 2007, Blogger Lucidiocy said...


My favorite seasons are Fall and Spring,in that order.

I grew up in Alaska and imagine Tasmania is similiar in a way... mainly in that the space is so vast and living there makes you feel so small and remote. Yet I wouldn't trade those years (seasons) for the world. I learned to appreciate the majesty and starkness of the mountains and tundra, I learned to revere the unpredicatibility of harsh weather, and marvelled at the fantasia of the Northern Lights.
As a matter of fact, the Northern Lights were so easy for me to attribute to a kind and lovely God when I was just 5 years old, that I believed in Him ever since, so really, nature in Alaska helped to solidify my belief system.

I really enjoy when you write about nature... your 'natural' talent.


At 9:42 pm, April 08, 2007, Anonymous paige said...

I LOVE spring. But I fall in love with Autumn every year. There's something magical about fall to me- the colors of the leaves changing, the smell in the air of leaves on the ground mixed with chimney smoke, the bittersweetness of the beauty mixed with the knowledge of the cold that is to come, the relief from the heat and humidity of summer... Yup. I fall in love with fall every year. :)

At 2:08 am, April 09, 2007, Blogger Cherie said...

Thanks for a reminder to stick my head outside more and really LOOK at the beauty all around. It kind of boggles my mind to think that you are in the midst of autumn, while we are in spring. Enjoy your quiet season. I always tell my kids when fall rolls around to observe the creatures and plants - beginning to slow down, for the restful season.

Very colorful post!

At 10:48 am, April 09, 2007, Blogger Deanna said...

Hi, Cecily. Your blog looks like a wonderful read. I'll peruse it further when I'm not so Easter over-stuffed and sleepy.

I hope you will settle in well with the turn of seasons. Sounds like you're doing so. It's fun for us northerly types to imagine a twist to the world. My son taught me long ago that whirlpools turn differently in the north and south. Mind-bending, somehow.

Thanks for checking out my blog, too.


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