Sunday, December 03, 2006

suddenly 'aunty'

We're back from Melbourne and I survived both the wedding and the day without blogging.

Actually it's a dubious judgement that I survived the blogging exile - I read blogs before we left . But are you proud of me? I didn't post! (It has suddenly become clear that I'll need more than 24 hours to kick this habit!)

Back to the wedding of my brother-in-law to my new sister-in-law, an event far more enjoyable than I had anticipated. It was a casual affair in my new sister-in-law's decorated backyard. (What you can do with a clothes line if you set your mind to it!)

Her daughter was the matron of honour and Frank was the best man. They stood under the cover of the porch and professed their love for one another as the sun smiled, the light breeze danced and the birds twittered with delight. After the ceremony we threw rice, drank toasts, nibbled on Italian delicacies and generally celebrated in style.

The party continued later in the evening at a restaurant called "Indulge" - and indulge we did. Beautiful Italian food just kept on coming, and coming, and coming. Antipasto, the best squid I've ever eaten, tender veal in mushrooms, light and fluffy cake that eased its way into the the tiny spaces left in my stomach. Delicious. (I shall be on rations for a week!)

It was all a lovely affair and I'm delighted for my in-laws and wish them much happiness.

The whole family relationship thing is slightly bizarre. My brother-in-law became an instant father and grandfather. That's OK, these things are common place today. But my mother-in-law became an instant grandmother and great grandmother. Frank became an instant uncle and great uncle... and hey presto, I became an instant aunt and great aunt.

Well kind of! They're all as old as me or older and the whole thing turns on rather a convoluted line of marriages. I doubt any of us will refer to any one else as 'aunty Cecily' or 'uncle Frank' or 'neice Rosa' (apart from last night when the wine and the moment made us giddy with silliness)!

Until my two brothers make me an aunt for real, I'll relish my new aunty status just as it is.


At 5:15 pm, December 04, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

What a creative use of a hills hoist! I'm so glad the wedding went off without a hitch....there's a pun there that is begging but I'll leave it ;)
Congratulations on your newly acquired relations!


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