Friday, December 01, 2006

side-of-the-house secrets

I thought only Asia did delicious mangoes that leave you drooling (did I already blog about this? All those NaBloPoMo posts have become a blur)... but we've just finished eating two mangoes that taste like they were made in heaven.

Sigh of deep contentment.

I knew there was a reason, apart from stinking hot days that leave you panting and perspiring , why I love summer so much... even if it doesn't really get hot in Tasmania it gets hot enough elsewhere for tropical fruits to grow.

Another sigh of deep contentment.

Speaking of summer fruits, I'm delighted to report that we should be producing some in our very own yard in a few short weeks.

This might look just like a slightly tidier than normal side of the house scene (forgive the poor photo quality - wrong time of day to be shooting, but if you have a laptop, duck your head down and stick your neck out and the photo will appear darker), but let me tell you, right now I consider it the most beautiful part of our garden.

And this is why.


Hidden in all that rubbish is a blackberry bush covered in flowers. Berries on their way! Yummo. Nothing beats a red, juicy raspberry, but really any kind of berry will do me! So come January, I'll be kicking back, feasting on blackberries. Oh, I'm quivering with anticipation and excitement already.

On a slightly more sober note, I think I may need to attend Blogaholics Anonymous. Here we are in December, NaBloPoMo is over and I'm busy blogging without even a day's break. Frank is heartily disappointed and I am guilt ridden at leaving him a blogging widower yet again. Something must be done. Thankfully we are going to Melbourne for a wedding tomorrow and I won't have computer access! It will be painful, but it will force me to break this cycle of blogging.


At 1:04 am, December 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've decided to continue the daily blog-posting punishment and have signed up for Holidailies!

Not sure how it is going to work out because we may plan a last-minute vacation after Christmas, but, we'll see! (They seem to consider you a success posting 20 for the month due to the holidays, anyway)

Thanks for stopping by my blog after my last comment!

At 1:09 am, December 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops, didn't realize you stopped by again :)

Thanks for reading! I'm planning a redesign any day now.

At 7:03 am, December 02, 2006, Anonymous Sandy said...

Blackberries, yum! Reminds me of a dessert my family loves. You really shouldn't stop blogging Cecily, take a break okay, but keep up the good work.

Have fun at the wedding! You should show us snow bounds the progress of the blackberries. May keep us sane through the winter.

At 6:56 am, December 03, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Yum! I can't remember the last time I ate blackberries, enjoy! I hope the wedding went well, and that you took photos of each other all gussied up :)

At 3:58 pm, December 08, 2006, Anonymous lyndsay said...

Hi Cec,
Hate to tell you this but you do realise that blackberries are a weed that once they get hold are almost impossible to get rid of?
On the brighter side if you find your yard over run with blackberries I will have some because I actually love them in other people's yards.


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