Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sitemeter stats

Some time ago I linked up to sitemeter so I could keep track of the comings and goings on my blog. Boy have there been some comings and goings! 1023 of them! OK, so half of them were me obsessively checking who visited my blog, when and how, but still - that number of visitors is not to be sneezed at!

Sitemeter is really a wealth of information - these are some of the other things I've discovered:
  1. People from America, UK, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Bahrain, Australia and maybe some other forgotten locations have visited 'happy chatter'.
  2. Most people don't stay long enough to check out anything beyond the first page that the 'next blog' button flicks them too. NaBloPoMo randomiser readers are the worst - they mostly click and run! Come on, it's almost the last day. You can manage a comment today!
  3. I have about 10 regular readers, only some of whom I know.
  4. Outside of Australia, Americans are my most frequent visitors.
  5. Crushing Krisis mentioned me in a NaBloPoMo review and I scored 3 guests from his link.
  6. Google searches seem to be my biggest winner at present - "spider in box of bananas" scored me one guest. "ian crohn chasing francis" has scored me three visits, one from Kenya and two that I'm convinced are the author. (I've only written this here so that if he visits again he'll leave a comment and say 'hi'... I loved your book and I'm going to read it again!) "wallaby rissoles", "mowvember"and "an invconvenient truth" attracted three more visits - as well as revealing a heinous spelling error! Most recently "hairdressing salon" reeled someone in! I thought I was the only person who did crazy Google searches.
  7. Five people have exited via my comment boxes, and one of those left a comment! Thankyou, I love getting comments! (Another reason I check my blog so frequently)
  8. My longest visitor stayed for 45 minutes - there isn't enough to keep anyone entertained here for that long. Must have been a windows malfunction while they worked on other more important things!
  9. Even though I live in Tasmania, my server address is listed as Homebush (Sydney) Australia. One of my guests has a different server address every two days.
  10. Thanks to NaBloPoMo I average 19 guests a day - quite a jump from 6!
So there you go - hats off to sitemeter for providing me with so much useful information. Hats off also to NaBloPoMo for increasing the visibility of my blog. Marginally! Maybe I'll stick with it and sign up for the 'holidailies - web writing every day in December' option.

Why not? I'm so in the groove of this daily blogging thing. Not.


At 2:02 am, November 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to leave you a comment on a few occasions, but hadn't yet. I'll write now since you've called upon the NaBloPoMo readers!

I found you thru the randomizer, but I've been reading your blog regularly. I like what you have to say!

(I, too, am a young-looking 31-year-old, cringing daily at the wrinkles only I can see)

At 6:28 am, November 30, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

How cool that you're somebody blogged about you! Blogebrity here you come!! :) Sitemeter is fun but I can't say I check mine very much any more, the google searches are hilarious though! You sure you don't want to keep blogging through December....?! Have a great day Cec!!

At 8:01 am, November 30, 2006, Anonymous Sandy said...

I have site meter too. Just learning to understand all the little tricks. Found you on my site meter. Maybe because someone went from you to me. Anyway, thank you for who ever led me to Cecily's site. Gives me a chance to laugh. I love the story about the spider and his mental illnes. I can relate to him directly! You have a great sense of humor. Sandy - USA


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