Tuesday, December 12, 2006

royale evening

Frank and I took in another movie tonight. Almost a month since our last trip to the cinema, meaning it's almost our 11 month wedding anniversary. We didn't plan it OK! A month just seems to be our movie cycle. Potentially we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary with a monthly movie forever, which is fine by me - it was such an effort to get to the altar I think it is worthy of frequent remembrance!

There was no feeding our intellects with any stimulating documentaries this time - instead we nose dived into James Bond in 'Casino Royale'. We shared our descent into trash with half of the city it would seem. I have never seen the cinema so full, even on cheap Tuesday. There was hardly a seat spare. Good to see that we're all feeding our minds with useful information.

Having said that, it was quite an entertaining number - if you don't think it's a waste of money to shut your eyes for half the movie, that is. (I just don't do violence at all) And if you can put your mind on hold long enough to stop wondering how Bond just happenned to have everthing he needed exactly when he needed it. (I presume he wouldn't be Bond if it happenned any other way!) I loved the graphics at the beginning of the movie, but I only wish I played poker (or whatever card game they were playing) - the movie would have been so much more meaningful then! When I wasn't screwing my eyes tightly shut, I sat back and enjoyed the spectacle of Bond falling seriously in love while he outsmarted the baddies once again.

And then the movie was over, the credits rolled and the background music switched to a rather incongruous canned version of Jingle Bells. We walked outside and back into the reality of life as we tried to figure out what to eat for tea. Hmmm, I think it would be rather nice to have everything I needed exactly when I needed it - an instant gourmet meal please?!


At 5:15 pm, December 13, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

I'm a sucker for James Bond. I know that its a little improbable andyou probably don't want to think too much about the moral issues - all those deaths! - all those women! but they are normally a rollicking good story :) I'm glad you had fun!

At 8:46 am, December 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost never go to the movies, last one I saw was the Johnny Cash movie, "Walk the Line" -- which was out last December, I think!

Movies have gotten very expensive (at least here in the U.S. they are) -- I have to be pretty sure the move is going to be either a) really awesome or b) really funny, otherwise I'd rather just catch it later on cable.

Thanks for adding me to your blog list! Whenever I get around to redesigning my site I'll reciprocate!


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