Thursday, December 28, 2006

fruit of the earth

I'm really getting into this gardening thing.

Call it misplaced maternal instinct if you will, but I'm pouring hours of love and care into the growing plants; pulling weeds; whispering encouragement; pulling weeds; watering; pulling weeds; fertilising; pulling weeds.

What is with those weeds?! Turn your back and they've sprouted legs and overrun the plot. The most prolific weed is 'malice' - an appropriate name in view of it's heinous garden behaviour, where it is intent on taking over the whole patch.

Despite the weeds, we seem to be having gardening success. The zucchinis are nearly 2cm long, there are tomatoes on the tomatoes and the lettuce plants are spreading their leaves and growing now that they're protected by a net. It's all very exciting. Add to that the ripening blackberries and we are heading for a home grown feast!

We got a small taster last week when we harvested our annual crop of wild potatoes. Without fail they poke their heads up next to the garage and they make for great potato salad.

Somehow watching all these vegies grow is feeding my soul as much as they will soon feed my body. I love it!


At 5:46 pm, December 30, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Oooh I'm impressed. I'm going to plant tomatoes this coming year, I should probably pick your brain when you're here :)


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