Thursday, December 28, 2006

drifting along

Despite my previous stressful post, holidays really are wonderful!

It's a relief to flick off the 'rush' switch and just dawdle along. I'm sure it's taking me twice as long as normal to complete anything - and I'm relishing it!

So maybe my to-do list hasn't decreased as quickly as it might but does it really matter?

I can report that I have cleaned all the kitchen cupboards and rearranged the pantry, and sorted my summer and winter clothes. Unfortunately I've had to add a couple of extra tasks to the list.

Like washing the car.

I would rather buy a new car every time the dirt and spiderwebs start taking over, but that isn't really an option. It has now reached the point that I can hardly see the car for webs, and I'm just too embarrassed to let it continue. Tomorrow is the day.

Car wash.

In the mean time I'm working hard on twisting Frank's arm: "You know that delicious meal I cooked last night? The 'rosemary lamb on grilled polenta with anchovy sauce'? Well...."

Here's hoping!

It might work, but just in case, I'm psyching myself up.



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