Tuesday, December 26, 2006

hmmmm, what will I do today?

So it was sunny outside and quite lovely weather and I sat at the computer all day.


I wasn't blogging, just in case you were wondering. (Though I could be secretly operating multiple anonymous blogs as an outlet for all the stories that necessarily get filtered from this site for the sake of the privacy and protection of family, friends and myself)

No, I was sorting emails. There were over 1100 emails doing nothing in my inbox - and now they are gone. Mostly gone. What a relief. How light do I feel?!

I'm still not sure why I would choose to sit at the computer when the sun was shining but the reasoning goes something like this:

I wrote a list of things I need to do over the holidays. Several days in, and I've done none of them. Not one thing crossed off. Panic was starting to snap and snarl at the edge of my consciousness as I worried that I might have two weeks off work and achieve nothing. Inconceivable! So I set about crossing one thing off the list today, and based on a whim I chose sorting emails. Sigh. Such a shame about the sunny day.

There are two redeeming outcomes to sitting in the dank gloom of the study!

First, I did not go to the post-Christmas sales and shop myself silly. It was a close call, as the unremitting catalogues arrived two days ago holding promises of wonderful savings and tempting wares. The will power required to stay put was almost beyond me!

we don't need anything.
we don't need anything.
we don't need anything. we don't need anything!

Eventually the message got through and I reluctantly relinquished my dreams of yet more possessions.

Second, my holiday to-do list is reduced by one.
  1. Sort emails
  2. Back up photos and computer files
  3. Tidy computer files
  4. Swap summer and winter wardrobe - wash and iron
  5. Sort photos, select some for enlargements
  6. Scrapbook travels
One down, five to go. Aren't holidays wonderful?


At 12:01 pm, December 28, 2006, Blogger Robyn said...

Good for you - our inbox is looking more and more scary but Paul tackled it for me. My job was culling our photos - aaarrrggghh!

At 7:39 am, December 30, 2006, Blogger Cecily said...

Photos - I dread that bit! Thankfully a lot of mine are just downloaded from the net (for Power Point slideshows for), so they all went yesterday. Now I just have to go through mine - do I really want to save a copy of those new shoes? How about the first rose? What about the boxes I took the chocolates across to the neighbours in? I don't know... this could be harder than what I think!


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