Wednesday, April 28, 2010

big flashback

I had a weird dream last night... not a flash back as such, but it featured Mel Gibson (who for some reason didn't look like Mel Gibson, and wouldn't talk to me), and multitudes of us being taught a new system of checking out groceries at the supermarket. Customers could walk straight through busy checkouts to us standing outside of Coles (it was definitely Coles), in the main shopping centre thoroughfare (where Mel Gibson was busking). We had portable scanners and tills and computers and quickly scanned the groceries and let customers get on their way incredibly quickly. Amazingly the whole store closed for half an hour while we had morning tea (in which I forgot to go to the toilet and was beginning to regret it when I woke up), and even more amazingly, our trainer was actually a doctor (from real life) who works at the local hospital. Like I said, weird. Go figure that one out for me!

That isn't the flashback. It is an incidental record of my dream world.

One of the teachers was talking about a student who was hamming up an injury for attention today. This was more than a little annoying, but as she told the story I had a flashback to myself as a primary school student who just wanted attention.

Someone at some point must have had a stiff leg, or sprained ankle, or similar injury that resulted in them limping. No doubt this garnered many a sympathetic comment, and suddenly a number of us were sporting 'stiff legs' and limps. I for one had nothing wrong with me. I may occasionally have had a slight ache in my leg, but nothing limp worthy. I was however good at acting, and remember being asked if I was OK while I lapped up the attention.

Some things never change. By this I do not mean I still feign limps when I want attention (I use other means now). No, I mean school girls never change. They're still blowing up injuries for affect... and still being as mean as we all were in my day, only now they send nasty emails and SMS, one of which I observed today. This is crazy girls! If you're going to be mean, don't do it in a way that leaves so much incriminating evidence... have you no sense?

Of course I don't condone meanness, I'm just trying to get my head around cyber bullying. It makes no sense to me, although I do get how devastating it can be... many the night spent tossing sleeplessly as I ponder a comment on my blog or a cyber snub and wonder what I did wrong. Hmmm, is there any link with my dream here? Does Mel Gibson ignoring me plug into a deep seated sense of rejection?

Ha. Craziness all of it.


At 11:09 pm, April 28, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

I think you can count your lucky stars Mel was ignoring you!!!
Those scanner check out things?? They are real. You are a spooky dreamer!!


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