Tuesday, April 20, 2010

another headachy day

I still have a headache, and my the base of my skull is kind of stiff and sore and I wonder if that should worry me more than it does.

Anyway, here are a couple of things I liked about today:
  1. I found my hairbrush. This is a *big* deal. Yesterday I decided I had left it behind in our lovely weekend accommodation. I looked in all the bags we took (because even though it was only one night, I still took lots of bags of things to do while Frank helped people climb trees. Knitting, reading, letter writing... you name it, I had it with me!) without success. Then today, I checked another pocket of my current handbag formy list for the day so I feel productive... I couldn't find it, which means I did nothing all day, but voile... there was the brush. I didn't realise my bag had enough space to hide something as big as a hair brush. Anyway, I'm pretty happy to have found it.
  2. I forgot to take my name tag off after work, and the man at the nursery said 'That will be $50 Cecily' as I bought my gardening clogs (because I am convinced I will garden more with the proper footwear), and I got all embarrassed and quickly whipped the badge off and into my bag. I hate advertising my name to all and sundry, which is why I write a blog with my name plastered all over it. Snigger. Anyway, he asked about the company I work for and we ended up having a conversation about the value of quitting work and being happier with less money. It was quite deep for a two minute transaction, and I felt better for knowing I'm not the only one making crazy decisions to work less but gain more of life.
And now I must to bed. Goodnight.


At 10:24 pm, April 20, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

I am sorry you still have a headache but you gave me a jolly good laugh-with-you about your name tag!! When I was teaching who knows what was stuck onto my shirt when I went into town. Always some weirdy sticker or tag or something!!!


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