Sunday, December 21, 2008

my life in facebook status updates

I can't seem to get my head together for a blog post. Call it what you will, laziness, end of year malaise or PMT, the result is the same - my head feels empty and I simply cannot pull together thoughts and feelings in any sort of a meaningful way. My mind is, however, awash with myriad moment-by-moment, shorthand facebook status updates such as:
  • Cecily is disappointed the skirt she made looks decidedly less attractive in real life than it did in her head. Salvos here it comes.
  • Cecily wonders if it is inhumane to hope the sick chicken will live instead of putting it down to spare it the misery.
  • Cecily holds a scrunched up pit of pain inside her at everyone else's baby joy.
  • Cecily is about to play the piano in church for the last time.
  • Cecily loves that the sun is shining but wonders why she hasn't sat and enjoyed it more.
  • Cecily is struggling to remember how to relax and jumps out of every chair almost as soon as she sinks into it.
  • Cecily is an aunty to the most beautiful niece in the world.
  • Cecily wishes she was staying home for Christmas so she could just sit and vegetate.
  • Cecily feels upset with the lack of appreciation expressed by the school regarding chaplaincy.
  • Cecily thinks 'while both of us are alive' might be a long time.
  • Cecily wishes the chicken would just stop breathing and die.
  • Cecily is relieved she does not have to go to work tomorrow.
  • Cecily wonders why she did not look after herself better this year.
  • Cecily says 'thankyou Frank for scraping and varnishing the skirting boards and picture frames. They look fantastic.'
  • Cecily wishes PMT didn't get her every time.
  • Cecily just listened to an old Shania Twain CD and it seemed incredibly shallow and vapid.
  • Cecily discovered a hidden chicken nest with seven eggs in it today. Woohoo - scrambled eggs for tea tonight.
  • Cecily could sleep for a hundred years.
  • Cecily wishes she could wake up and find Christmas already over.
  • Cecily is about to belatedly plant a zucchini plant or three plus some cucumbers.
  • Cecily can't figure out where her healthy eating endeavours disappeared to.
A few common themes, maybe I'll expand them later. But that's all I got for now folks.

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At 3:19 pm, December 22, 2008, Blogger Robyn said...

I'm so glad I reread this before commenting - on my first read through I thought your second point said "children" instead of "chicken"....significant difference!
I'm very sad about your pit of pain. I wish I could fix it for you. I'm glad I can give you a hug soon.
Sounds like you're on holidays now? Or is thatjust from the school? Anyway, I hope that you can get in some rest before you travel, or at least do some things to refresh your spirit. I can't remember exactly what your Christmas plans entail but I hope there is some down time in there.
Talk soon - love you!


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