Wednesday, December 17, 2008

little ole wine drinker me

We've just enjoyed a Christmas BBQ with our 'Curious' discussion group. The conversation flowed freely along with the wine and we had a great time together. (Thanks guys!)

As I cleaned up the last of the lingering wine glasses and bottles (oh dear... that makes it sound like we did nothing but drink. Seriously, we ate too - sausages, steak, vegetable kebabs, tabouleh and fennel salad, tossed salad, tiramissu, fruit salad), and pushed chairs and tables back into their usual position I noticed one of the wine bottles (come on, it wasn't that bad, there were only two bottles all up) had a few drops in the bottom, so I decided to swig them down.

Bad move. I cannot safely swig wine. Instead I managed to choke and shudder my way through the gigantic mouthful that slid so willingly past my lips.

It appears that at this stage I am not capable of stashing a bottle in a brown bag and sitting in the gutter swigging on it.

Phew. What a relief to know that!

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At 8:54 am, December 18, 2008, Anonymous Deevar said...

Yes, what a relief!


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