Sunday, June 22, 2008

touch down

We're home!

Only 20 hours and 20 minutes of flying this time, plus the usual stop overs. We broke the journey in Melbourne and stayed with Frank's Mum last night, so feel a little more human than if we had come the whole way straight.

Did you know that on an average flight there are 320 economy passengers. With each meal they receive a small butter weighing 10 grams. That is 6.4 kg of butter, without counting business or first class. Then there are all the little yoghurt containers - 80 grams there. That's hmmm 80 by 320... 8 times 3 is 24 so 24000 plus 2 times 8 is 16 so 1600 plus 2400... that amounts to 25.6 kilos of yoghurt. And since we are all sitting there twiddling our thumbs and watching movies, not much of energy is required. So all that food is just sitting there, barely being converted to energy, just hanging around keeping the plane heavy. Each passenger uses an average of four plastic cups per flight (not business or first class however - they are served in glass tableware). That is at least 1200 cups per flight. Outrageous?! Obviously I had too much time to think.

And why can't they have male and female toilets on planes, or a rule that insists men sit to pee? I detest drips on the toilet seats and floor.

And I have all sympathy for the mother of the screaming child two seats away from us, but I might have been less sympathetic if it was not a day time flight. I wanted to sleep to swap on to Australian time, but since I was still on Europe time I just stayed awake and tried to help entertain the little man. Until he passed beyond the point of entertaining and into the zone of no consolation. Eventually he passed out from exhaustion... just as we started to descend and his ears hurt. Ah well. That's life when you request a seat with more leg room.

Nothing feels quite as good as getting off a plane from overseas and knowing you are home... not in your own house, but still home. And is anything as nice as the customs office saying 'welcome back' as she stamped our passports? I don't think so.

Anyway, we're home, in the house. About to jump into our very own bed and sleep for a hundred years. (OK, maybe just 10 hours) I have a hundred blog posts buzzing around in my head and a thousand photos to sort. (Probably less than a hundred posts, but definitely a thousand photos - I just spent an hour uploading them all)

I shall return. Sooner than last time.

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At 11:21 pm, June 22, 2008, Anonymous sandy's notes said...

Well, welcome Cecily. Can't wait to see the pictures of your travel. I had the experience myself of a little one crying his way from Seattle. I fortunately sat far away.

Be sure to rest. Soon you will be busy again with life and running quickly. Thanks for the good wishes about Carol, appreciated very much!

At 1:57 pm, June 23, 2008, Blogger Robyn said...

Yay, you're home! I was just thinking about you and wondering when you would be back :)
Enjoy your rest.

At 12:26 am, June 24, 2008, Blogger merrymishaps said...

Welcome home! I was just wondering when we'd hear from you again :)

At 1:30 pm, June 24, 2008, Blogger Deanna said...

Yes, welcome home, Cecily! Share the pictures and stories soon. :o)

At 2:47 pm, June 24, 2008, Blogger Mike S said...

Welcome home, can't wait for the posts & pics. I used to do the same mental exercises on every long flight too, and would you believe NONE has ever come up on a Jeopardy show?? There's an unwritten rule somewhere in my old employment pack that states I must be seated in close proximity to any squalling child on international flights, regardless of seating section.

So nice to know you're home safe and sound and bearing gifts in the form of photos and stories:):):):)

At 2:07 pm, June 25, 2008, Blogger Angela said...

welcome back. i leave in three weeks and i'm bummed that we weren't able to meet, but wahoo for you and your trip.
i got the postcard last week. you are the sweetest australian i know, and even if i did know another, i think you would still win. thanks so much.

i'm so glad you're home.


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