Thursday, April 17, 2008


The trees turned, the leaves fell and autumn arrived, just like that.

It is stunningly beautiful here right now. A golden sun is shining through leaves of yellow and brown. The air is still and warm. The colours restore me.

A gift.

(When I finally did go looking for photos of fine specimens they were hard to come by... native Australian flora is not as a rule deciduous and the drought has caused the introduced trees to drop their leaves in a rather scrappy manner. Usually beautiful autumn trees are displaying rather poor form this year. Still beautiful colours though)



At 8:51 pm, April 17, 2008, Blogger Robyn said...

So true, the colours at the moment are gorgeous. And the sunset tonight was so beautiful. There was a tiny plane up high above the clouds and when the sun's red rays hit it Becca said it looked just like a shooting star. There's a poet inside that little girl :)

At 11:08 am, April 18, 2008, Blogger Deanna said...

Reading this reminds me of the earth's vastness - your leaves change color while ours unfurl.

I'm glad you now have the autumn palette to restore and mellow your piece of the world.

At 8:56 am, April 19, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

What a gift indeed, Cecily.

I'm in need of some photos of your autumn...get that camera out, girl, and get to snapping!

: D

At 12:08 pm, April 21, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

Thank you, Cecily, for the autumn photos. So pretty - love the colors and the crunchy leaves. The slide effect with the kaleidoscope was cool, too.

At 12:41 pm, April 21, 2008, Blogger merrymishaps said...

On the other side of the globe ... I was happy to arrive home after a week away to see leaves on the trees!

At 9:50 pm, April 21, 2008, Anonymous sandy's notes said...

Cecily, great slide show! I love seeing pictures of where you are. You should do more, it's fun for us so-far-awayers.

At 4:22 am, April 28, 2008, Blogger Mike S said...



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