Friday, March 14, 2008

there is a god! mmcdlxii (or 'i am very excited')

My excitement has just reached fever pitch.

Not because yesterday I planted seeds for my winter crops and now the weather has turned so hot they cannot fail to germinate, though that is certainly an excellent state of affairs.

Not because we are finally able to go overseas, with all the necessary leave booked in with various employers, and circumstances aligning perfectly to allow us to go. Certainly this does make me smile (we've been trying to get away for over a year now), but it has not turned up the heat on my excitement.

You might think I'm thrilled because yesterday I booked our tickets, and (despite booking only two months out from peak season) they weren't too expensive. I am certainly pleased we have a good price and the dates seem to have worked out nicely, but that's not the real reason for my incredible joy.

No... I'm over the moon because the couple who became like a mum and dad to me when I lived in England for three years are holding a Golden Wedding Celebration... and I can go! The date for the do just happens to be the day after we arrive in London!

Yesterday when I booked our tickets I had no idea. I felt sad that we could not make their celebration planned for July. Today I received an invitation with the amended party date... and we can go! How good is that?!

Yay, yay, yay. I'm so excited!

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At 11:23 pm, March 14, 2008, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

That is great Cecily. I love it when we do something and everything falls into place showing us it was meant to be.

Second comment, not sure what happened to the first.

At 1:17 am, March 15, 2008, Blogger Heather said...

That's very cool!

At 5:08 am, March 15, 2008, Blogger Deanna said...

Yipee! What great timing. Will you fly over Oregon? (well, I know you won't, but it's fun imagining.)

At 10:38 pm, March 16, 2008, Anonymous Loes said...

Woo hoo! That is just so exciting!! I love it when things like these happen.

At 7:43 am, March 17, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

Great cheers and jumping for joy for you!! Serendipity! My favorite mystery! So happy for you and Frank.

The anticipation is as much fun as the actual journey.

Happiness abounds for you, dear dear hard-working, sheep steering, veggie growing, husband loving friend!


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