Wednesday, August 22, 2007

10 perfectly reasonable ways to avoid study

1. Super Sudoku

Now that I've finally completed one (it's taken several attempts at various weekly offerings in the free local rag) I feel absolutely no desire to look at one ever again. Driven by competitiveness?

2. Coffee with friends. Lots of friends.

3. Church - OK, so I'm a bit down on church at present, and I would almost rather have been studying.

4. Time out - overwhelmed by life I took a few days to just relax and chill. Delightful.

5. Movie at the local cinema.

6. Clean the bathroom.

7. Dust the house.

8. Cook Frank a super delicious wholemeal apricot cake in an improvised nut loaf tin.

9. Work. Gotta earn a crust! And it's just about the only place I don't feel guilty for not studying.

10. Read about how the pulp mill is being debated in parliament and contemplate the twisting of my stomach as I realise this will probably happen because we have a bombastic, arrogant, meat head of a Premier in Tasmania. His merry men and women aren't much better.

11. I know I don't need to say 11 because this post is only 10 perfectly reasonable ways to avoid study, but tomorrow we're going to the East Coast for a few days. I'm debating whether I need to take the books or not. Probably do. But probably be healthier if I didn't. I don't know... anyway, if I leave them at home it's another good reason not to study!

NB Blogging is not a perfectly reasonable way to avoid study. It is plain denial of reality. So I'm going now. Straight away to hang the clothes on the line study. Really. I am. Eventually.


At 4:47 am, August 23, 2007, Blogger Mike S said...

I'm a true hater of Sudoku, no reason, just greatly dislike them. The cake sounds terrific! Enjoy the coast:)

At 9:10 am, August 23, 2007, Anonymous Sandy said...

Your a good woman Cecily, study or not. Let go of the guilt, bring the books with you just incase you want to.

Have a great time, don't forget the camera!

At 3:47 am, August 24, 2007, Blogger Cherie said...

Have a great time,you procrastinator you.

You're in good company - with school getting ready to begin here there will be sounds of cake pans, pens on Sudoku puzzles, dusting, working, coffee drinking etc., all to put off the inevitable study!

Hey, Cecily, I have a question for you. Might be a dumb question, but I'm going to ask it anyway and will wait patiently till you return from your trip for my answer. (Have a restful yet invigoratingly wonderful trip, by the way.)

Question is: Do you Tassies have school from Sept. thru June the way we do here in the U.S.? I mean, I know we started doing it that way so the farm children could help work the farms during summer. But summer for you is winter for us. Just curious. Or maybe you have school year round for the kiddies? Thanks, Cecily!


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