Wednesday, November 09, 2011

rain and things

So much rain this afternoon! I think it washed all my writing ideas away.

But you'll be pleased to know the beans that, until yesterday afternoon, I thought would never sprout... are now nearly 10cm tall.

And there are 18 corn up.

And some of the seeds I planted on Sunday afternoon (lettuce, pak choy, silver beet) are already sprouting.

Speaking of sprouting seeds, I took a salad to school for lunch today. Usually I eat in the staff room, but I was short on time and ate in my office while overseeing various crafting activities. We ended up having a great time identifying all the different leaves in the salad, although I couldn't quite tell them what all the leaves were. Such a range. Then I explained how I'd sprouted fenugreek seeds and they would make me healthy and my skin and hair beautiful. A few upturned noses as I munched on them, but the avocado and tomato received a tick of approval. I love stretching the kid's vegetable world.

And then, when the bell rang and I was all alone, I scoffed down a chocolate. Oh well.


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