Tuesday, January 04, 2011

ready as a mangrove propagule

Frank and I walked the length of Long Beach today, and what can I say - it is a long beach.

Merimbula Bay from Pambula Beach

When we got back we discovered we'd walked almost twelve kilometres. Sore legs reign in our apartment this evening! (And unbelievably we have blisters on our heels from all that bare foot walking)

I couldn't help noticing the mangrove seedlings strewn across the length of the beach. Wherever the high tide had reached, there lay a seedling or two. To be more precise, what we were seeing were black mangrove propagules, live seedlings dropped from the trees already equipped for photosynthesis. All they require is a suitable landing place above the tide, and within seven days roots are established and the mangrove is off and growing. Ingenious.

I'm still to set my goals for the year (distracted by a twelve kilometre walk I suppose), but the mangrove propagules gave me some inspiration. I have an overall aim in life, and generally my daily grind is helping me achieve it, but there's always room for improvement.

Today I found another broad goal for the year... to be like a black mangrove propagule. People and experiences have equipped me well for going and growing, and I know what I want to do. Right now, 2011 is a blank slate. I'll still be working the same jobs, but there are plenty of longings and dreams and unknowns floating around in my mind. Who knows what might come along? And if or when it does, I want to grab the chance, like the mangrove propagules. They don't always get it right (a beach isn't such a great place to land), but when they hit the perfect habitat, they're ready. Roots down, they're set. Growing and doing that thing mangroves do.

I guess that means 2011 is my year of being an opportunist... from that quiet place of reflection and awareness, I'll be ready to move as soon as the opportunity arises. Well, that's the goal anyway!

(What do you know - that's two goals for the year already!)

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At 3:00 pm, January 07, 2011, Blogger Cherie said...

And inspiring noble goals they be! Gorgeous beach. Glad you are having such a good time.

At 10:11 am, January 10, 2011, Blogger cecily said...

Thanks Cherie!


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