Sunday, November 28, 2010

a stroke of forward planning

I'm writing Christmas cards. Amazing I know, since it's not even December and I haven't seriously done them for at least two years. Which means my list has whittled its way down to almost nothing because I don't even know if some people still live in the same place or what.

Anyway, I think all my energy has gone into writing cards (I can't abide newsletters in them. I can prattle on in a mass produced blog for billions to read at once (except billions don't, so it's OK), but I won't produce a newsletter for thirty. Too impersonal. Ha).

Not that I had much writing energy left anyway... twenty eight days down and counting, counting, counting. And it's been a busy weekend before the busy week before another busy weekend and another busy week... and then it's almost done for the year. (But I'm not wishing my life away, oh no I'm not, which is why I seized the day and wrote a few cards tonight)

... and now I'm rambling, so good night. (Oh, and if you want a card, message or email or skype me, because I'm on skype now and all and you can find me everywhere you look)



At 10:33 pm, November 28, 2010, Anonymous 2paw said...

I have made cards, well had photos printed on them this year, but no writing as yet. I know it will be a good feeling when they are finally posted off.
I don't mind getting a newsletter, though I don't send one.

At 3:08 pm, January 07, 2011, Blogger Cherie said...

I loved receiving your cheerful card, Cecily. Hope mine arrived to you as well.


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