Monday, November 29, 2010

i don't think i need south cape feta really

Those supermarket recipes make me laugh. They use every trick in the book to get you to buy more of their products. Feta cheese required? Not just any feta will do, it must be South Cape marinated feta brand. Don't just use a pan on the stove to cook things... no, you need to layer them in paper towel (don't have any - no worries, we stock it) and heat them in the microwave.

Anyway, once you wade through all the advertising twaddle, sometimes you get to the nub of a the recipe and discover something delicious.

Such was this evening's meal: Prosciutto, Pumpkin and Walnut Salad. I didn't follow the recipe exactly and I didn't take a photo. Because the non-marinated South Cape feta was a bit soft and went mushy and, to be frank, the whole meal looked disgusting. But it was yummo. Seriously good. I recommend.



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