Tuesday, October 27, 2009

diabetes eat your heart out...

I've just submitted one of the final assignments in my Grad Dip Counselling. It was a personal reflection in which I was asked to identify strong attitudes and values which might impact on my work with clients. I mentioned all sorts of things, but one thing I failed to mention are my increasingly strong views on healthy eating.

The more I read, the more I am convinced that we in the west are slowly killing ourselves with our diet. Take this news headline today: by 2050 one in seven Australians will have type two diabetes. One in seven! That would be fourteen percent of the population.

Does anyone else have alarm bells ringing in their head? Are you looking at our diet and thinking we just might be bringing this on ourselves? Do you walk down the aisle and silently rage against the rubbish supermarkets peddle as food? Can you see the health system, already crumbling, imploding under the weight of bad food?

We could avoid this disaster if we made a few better lifestyle choices. It might mean ditching processed foods for real fruit and vegetables, taking more time with food preparation, and even (heaven forbid) choosing to work less so we don't need to reach for those convenient packet foods. Radical I know, but wouldn't it be worth it? (And we might even be a little less stressed)

So there you have it - my exceedingly strong attitudes on the state of the nation's health. Before I get back in my box, here is my offering in the fight against diabetes:

asian-style chicken salad
photo: happy chatter
recipe: 'light & lean', The Australian Women's Weekly

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At 12:03 pm, October 28, 2009, Anonymous deanna said...

Congratulations on the paper! I'd love to read it, but then I'm weird that way. My son's doctor has concluded the same things you say about diet and diabetes. We have many vitamin deficiencies (my son's getting some mega-doses now to help reverse his adrenal fatigue). You're a good promoter of helpful ideas in this area.

At 12:05 am, October 30, 2009, Blogger Ronnica said...

I do think our diet has something (big) to do with it. I can't get over the fact that we HAVE food to eat to care too much, though...

At 5:52 pm, October 30, 2009, Blogger Cherie said...

"Do you walk down the aisle and silently rage against the rubbish supermarkets peddle as food?"

YEESSSS!!! My kids, Tom, and I all mutter under our breath Michael Pollan's words: "food-like substances." They are everywhere! Once one's eyes have been opened it is APPALLING what passes for 'food'. And then, to look into people's carts, or see their sickly coughing children with sticky and runny noses and weepy eyes, their mouths sucking on sugary whatever-they-are's. Heartbreaking.

You are right on, Cecily! If I could I'd underline your entire post! Most appropriate, the entire thing.

(Can you tell you've struck a kindred chord? Good job, my friend.)


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