Wednesday, September 02, 2009

a perfectly beautiful sense of timing

I'm not sure that parking meters and beautiful really go together, but I had what I considered a beautiful moment when I didn't get a parking ticket this evening.

Usually I'm a rule follower. I'll look askance at those who break the rules and tut tut under my breath over the most ridiculous things. I have been known to take a big breath before walking past someone smoking before bending double just the other side of them, letting the breath out and quickly sucking in fresh air. If someone is speeding, I'll play chicken when I cross the road, just to slow them down. And they always do. I've yet to meet the driver who wants to knock a pedestrian down.

It's all about toeing the line, doing the right thing, obeying the orders, no matter how meaningless, minuscule and puerile they might be.

Which is why I always used to pay for parking. Actually, that's not true. When I went to church there were a couple of parking spaces available for congregation members and I usually found space for my needs behind the old brick building. Then I left church and thought it might not be so good to keep using their free parking spot, so I started using the Coles car park. It just meant I had to go buy something in the supermarket after my other jobs in order to justify being there... and who doesn't need a bit of milk every few days? It works most of the time.

There are however, times when I would prefer to be closer and don't have time to traipse all over town. Then I duck into a parking spot, discover I have no change, and hope for the best. So far, so good. No tickets to date. I feel so rebellious.

Last week I went to Spotlight (I know. I hate that store too, but it's convenient for bulk supplies for school). I had a feeling, decided to err on the side of caution and bought a ticket... you get a refund anyway. It was quite a relief, shopping without worrying about getting caught out. All I had to worry about was remembering to get that refund token!

And bingo. As I came out of the store, there they were, checking we were all paid up! I paid when it mattered.

I'm sure I have faulty thinking on this one, but after managing to dodge the 'law' last week I figured I'd be safe this week. No parking meter men in sight, I parked and ran into a quick meeting. It turned into a bit of a longer meeting and I was fairly jigging in my chair, trying to politely get away before a ticket landed on my windscreen. At last I ran down the stairs and across the street... and there was my virgin windscreen. No ticket. No fine. No worries.

So there you have it. My brush with the law. I'm so not naughty, and I love it.

Beautiful no?


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