Sunday, April 19, 2009

the most beautiful autumn ever full stop

I'm not sure if I am just in a better place than I was last year or if this really is the most beautiful autumn ever full stop. Whichever it is, I'll take it, drink it, live it, love it. Day after delicious day of cloudless skies, warming sun, and lazy breaths of air. Heavenly. And that's without the autumn leaves. Last year the drought pushed all the leaves into a premature, lifeless fall. This year they are turning golden, red, brown ever so gently and beautifully and lingering on the trees just as they should. I keep looking out on it all in dazed wonder, thankful to be the recipient of such treasure.

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At 6:25 am, April 21, 2009, Anonymous deanna said...

So pretty! Those are beautiful leaves, with delicate features. I'm glad they're hanging around a while for you this year.

At 12:14 pm, April 21, 2009, Blogger Cherie said...

Lovely, Cecily! Your gorgeous autumn is our gorgeous spring. Seasons. So glad God though 'em up!


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