Sunday, March 22, 2009

this is what i've been doing...

Working. Mostly it's a joy. Some days it is not.

Enjoying the most beautiful autumn I can remember for at least a year. (It may have been this nice last year, but I doubt it. Every day is turning into a stunner at the moment... except the 6th March which went for the fridge effect. Not so attractive)

Writing an essay on postnatal depression. Unlikely to make 'the world's best essay' shortlist, but it got done on time.


Baking bread.

(I particularly love the way the seat in the background is so in focus here... I must have been too busy eating my first ever loaf of home made sourdough to bother concentrating on focus)

And basically just living life in the real world. I still think of things to blog most days, I just don't bother doing it. That's been kinda nice, but I miss you all, so I'll try and get back into it soon. For now I must away.

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At 11:24 pm, March 22, 2009, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

Spring and fall seem to be the hardest times for me to blog; maybe because I'm the busiest then. Comfort is what comes to mind for fall; preparing the head for winter which is a time to wrap up and learn indoor stuff. That bread looks so yummy! I love the hat too!

I'm glad you are having a beautiful autumn Cec, enjoy.

At 12:54 pm, March 23, 2009, Anonymous deanna said...

Great hat, and beautiful bread! I'm happy for you being in the real world, too. I thought about you the day I spent in the hospital this past week - I was there with my dad while he had corrective surgery for a deviated septum. He is doing very well now, at home with Mom, and I appreciated the good nurses who cared for him.

At 1:36 pm, March 24, 2009, Anonymous marma said...

mmm sour dough bread! I can just about smell it. I hope it's on the menu for Easter [tho I'm trying to cut down on carbs.]

At 1:01 pm, March 27, 2009, Blogger Cherie said...

Ah, domestic success. Well done, Cecily! Beautiful hat and very tempting bread. You did it!

At 7:56 pm, March 28, 2009, Blogger Mike S said...

That bread looks great! Almost time here to start putting away those pretty type hats:)

Wow, the verification word is 'sessee', sounds like a Cecily type nickname contender:)


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