Sunday, January 25, 2009

life is like a magic bean

I have some amazing beans growing in my garden. Called 'Purple King', they produce a beautiful, deep purple bean that can grow to nearly twenty centimetres in length. In the pot, the beans cook into the soft green colour one expects of a bean. I toyed with the idea of eating them in all their purple rawness (they looked so delicious and tempting), until I discovered raw beans contain compounds found to be poisonous to humans. So we're eating green beans the traditional way and they taste good.

There's something in heat induced transmutation I think: poisonous purple beans become green and edible, gold becomes pure gold, and summer transforms inside and out. Lackadaisical as this summer is proving to be, each laid back, sun kissed moment leaves behind a warm deposit.

I was in the kitchen cooking up a mini storm this afternoon (Raspberry Curd Swirl Cake) when I noticed a lightness that has been absent for some time. I breathed deeply of the kitchen aromas (heaven must surely smell of Raspberry Curd Swirl Cake), turned my face to the sunlight that streamed in the window and disbelievingly felt around the outer reaches of my heart, as if testing my legs with ginger steps after a heavy fall. There's ragged edges there for sure, but I'm still intact. Healing even.

The sun is shining, the clouds are fluffy, the beans are purple, the cake divine, the chickens dandy (the one that still lives anyway), the house clean. Everything just feels brighter, which is nice.

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At 3:24 am, January 26, 2009, Blogger deanna said...

Thanks for the view of summer - ah, warmth, healing, and purple beans. May your ragged edges soften as time goes by.

At 11:39 am, January 26, 2009, Blogger merrymishaps said...

I'm glad you've found some brightness.

At 12:58 pm, January 26, 2009, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

Working outside all the time now makes me appreciate the warmth even more. When the sun is out, even in the cold weather, it feels good on my face. Sometimes I even get a little sunburn on my cheeks. I look forward to that warm spring air that should be arriving in 6 weeks or so. I'm glad though that you can appreciate it for a little while and tell us about it. I think you should show us those beans!

At 3:44 pm, January 26, 2009, Blogger mountainmama said...

A beautiful, multi-layered, aromatic eye-catcher of a post...what a lovely time for me to drop by. Save me a piece of that Raspberry Curd Swirl Cake, and put the kettle on... ;)

So glad to see the colour returning to your life and your heart.

Your Summer sounds so much nicer and more forgiving than mine - amazing what a few thousand kilometres can do!?

At 10:55 am, January 27, 2009, Blogger Cherie said...

I LOVE your second paragraph, Cecily, especially the last sentence. A warm deposit - I feel it, I truly do.

I'm glad you are healing, friend. Sorry for the ragged edges, glad you have tender fingers which can feel and touch and test and know.

I agree with Sandy. I think you need to show us those beans.

At 1:30 pm, January 27, 2009, Anonymous Deevar said...

Can't wait to sample your cooking!

At 7:14 am, February 03, 2009, Blogger Angela said...

i love how reading about someone else's contentedness makes me feel cozy and content, too.
i'm going upstairs now to make a pot of tea.
raw beans=poison?! i always eat raw beans. yikes!


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