Tuesday, January 29, 2008

new year, new computer, new cecily

I did it!

I deleted every last skerrick of information off my hard drive and rebuilt my computer... well I inserted multiple CDs in the CD drive and imported all the information onto my hard drive, which hardly seems like rebuilding it, but there you go, apparently it is.

This job has been on my to-do list for over a year. My little-bit-of-a-computer-geek brother was going to visit last March and I anticipated enlisting his services for the building work. Alas, no visit eventuated and the task remained undone. In the end I got my pound of flesh from him though, with his most excellent instructions passed down the phone line over the course of an hour this afternoon.

And so my computer is transformed. Woohoo. (I still have a few more programs to download, but we're nearly there)

This builds on top of a host of other tasks I put off throughout 2007 but have already achieved in 2008:
  • practice the violin most days
  • reflect and journal most days (I've journalled more this month than the whole second half of last year!)
  • visit a friend and mend a relationship
  • write letters to multiple friends in numerous places
  • finish a few half read books
As I said, new year, new Cecily. Now I just need to keep it up.

I would also like to achieve a number of other things:
  • complete a needlework project or two (let's not discuss how many half stitched canvases litter my home)
  • sort photos and choose the best from each country I have visited to enlarge and hang along our hall
  • start making a few scrap books (Cecily's own version, not the scrap booking type that are really popular at present) of all the gathered tickets, programs, maps and other general paraphernalia I religiously collected in my travels
  • finish a few more half read books
That should keep me going for the next twelve eleven months!

Thanks Luke for all your help... you are a champion geek. I'm proud to know you!... Hey I'm proud to be your sister!

(Shameless plug because one good turn deserves another) Luke is trying to build a photography business, so if you're on the lookout for a wedding photographer (or any other kind of portrait photographer) and you live near Newcastle, check out his website... he might be able to tell your story!

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At 6:14 am, January 31, 2008, Blogger Cherie said...

Way to go, Cecily! You did it. Never had a any doubt.

Good luck with your new list of goals.

At 10:26 am, January 31, 2008, Blogger Deanna said...

Congratulations on all of that. It's always good to have good things ahead to do. Now if I'd only do them...

At 1:42 pm, January 31, 2008, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

So that's where you've been! Way to go girl, new tasks complete, you must feel like a new woman!


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