Saturday, November 10, 2007

sunny days

I have never taken a day off sick without actually being sick (and even then I feel slightly guilty), but today my work ethic is being sorely tested.

It is a stunner of a day and I don't want to go and work inside a stuffy building all afternoon. I want to be outside enjoying the sun, light breeze and dancing birds. I'd also like to be with Frank and share the delight together.

This is what we were doing this time last weekend:

[I'm still working on uploading the movies - takes forever and I can't access any other webpage while it's trying. So you'll have to live without it. But they're good, so I'll keep trying!]

This one gives you a good idea of just how much of an adrenalin rush it was:

...can't I go back again? Please? Walk away from today's work and experience the adrenalin rush all over again?

Camp was good. I confess I don't like my church at the moment. I don't like church at all. It is a lot of energy expended to maintain the institution for what purpose? I would like to leave but my Dad always left everything when he didn't like it anymore and I'd like to be different from him. So I'm staying. Anyway, camp was a good chance just to be with people and remember how much I like them even if I don't like the whole deal of how we meet together. Yes, it was good. I like those people a lot. And we sure had fun!

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At 8:24 pm, November 11, 2007, Blogger Lucidiocy said...

Hey Cec,

Thanks for sharing that. I am struggling myself with the institution of "the church", and of not seeing the point. I don't want to go most of the time, but then God reminds me that he isn't through with me yet.

I have a funny story about church that I'll share sometime when I am not so tired


At 1:10 pm, November 12, 2007, Blogger mountainmama said...

Personally, I feel that God doesn't need you to turn up in one building or another to be worthy of love and attention - but I understand about not wanting to be a quitter.

Can I give you something fun to do, to cheer you up a bit? I'm tagging you for a meme, 7 random or weird things about you... :)


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