Monday, November 05, 2007


The trouble with Nablopomo is narrowing down the field of topics - with something to write every day it's not long before every thought, facial expression, conversation or event becomes potential grist for the mill.

So what will I write about today?

The asparagus spears peaking through in my seedling box?
(Exciting, exciting but I'll save this one for later)

Recent Tasmanian nurse's industrial action called in response to the government's appalling lack of respect for us? (I'm furious with the government but I couldn't be bothered giving them the respect of a slot on my blog right now)

Church Camp and all the fabulous fun we had? (I haven't downloaded the movies yet so this will have to wait)

The reason I chose a vegetarian option at the Bombay Cafe tonight? (This is definitely going to feature soon, but I need to think about it more)

Like I said, so much to write, so little time. But I can tell you about one very exciting thing that happened to me. (apart from waking up beside Frank, having enough food to eat, the sun warming my chilled bones, and a favourite friend dropping in that is)

I finally saw the benefits of Facebook!

I personally dislike Facebook. Almost every day a work colleague or two list me as an online friend while doing nothing to cultivate the friendship in real life. It seems an empty exercise in bagging friends in the interests of gathering the biggest collection. And what's with the online drinks, aquariums, gardens and pets? Please - I have more important things to do with my time. So I ignore most of the requests and gifts I'm sent.

And then, today, it happened. A long lost friend left a message in my Facebook inbox!

I was a bridesmaid for this girl when we were both 19, but over the years we gradually lost contact. When I was living in London we briefly exchanged letters before descending once more into silence. A few months ago I found some photos of the wedding and I set to hunting her down once more. Using my highly refined online investigative skills (white pages) I discovered a listing I thought was probably my friend living in country NSW, but didn't have the courage to phone up out of the blue. The grey fog of friendship lost fell again.

Until today, there in facebook she was, asking to be my friend! And now I'm a Facebook convert. I wrote back right away and am delighted we've been able to link up again!

Nablopomo and Facebook - arghhhh. The virtual world is sucking me in.

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At 10:41 pm, November 05, 2007, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

It seems like every time you try to say goodbye or how unimportant cyberspace is, something good happens to you. Kind of like golf, okay maybe not, but it can be, whenever I consider giving it up (golf), I have good game and get hooked all over again.

At 1:51 am, November 06, 2007, Blogger merrymishaps said...

I resisted joining facebook for a long time, since I thought it was for high school kids (which, it probably is!).

When two of my friends sent me invites within a day of each other, I broke down and signed up.

I hardly ever log in, but some old high school and college friends have found me! I haven't written back and tried to recultivate friendships yet (well, some of them were just acquaintences), but it's good to know I can get in touch!

At 7:07 am, November 09, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

I'm so with you on the facebook "activities" but have also made contact with Paul's cousin who we wouldn't have caught up with otherwise so can't complain.
I'll have to go ask you to be my friend.....and offer you a present, lol!


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