Saturday, September 08, 2007

puffy eyes

All of a sudden I'm draggingly tired again.

And it's spring! I should be bouncing and bounding with energy.

To take advantage of the delights of the season we went for a drive up the river today (have to fit as many trips in as we can before the stinking pulp mill is plonked on it's shores... if it happens). It was a delightful trip because the car drives like a dream, the sun was shining, the trees are covered with blossoms, the boats were bobbing and the birds were soaring. Delicious.

We visited our favourite Tamar Valley hangout, Koukla's Cafe, and munched on yummy Greek food. Even better than the food was Kathy's warm welcome. She catered for our wedding and somehow being married has reduced our drives up the river... she came bounding over to give us a huge hug and kiss and chat for a while. We felt very special!

I'm pleased to report there was no fighting over who would drive the new car - I felt a bit dizzy and unwell so conceded the honour to Frank!* After lunch we headed home to catch up on a few jobs here and there. That was the plan... in the end I fell asleep on the couch in the sun. I'm not a huge day time sleeper, but I dozed for 30 minutes or so before getting up and doing some weeding. (oxalis, oxalis, oxalis... and a bit of twitch. Yuck)

Then I came inside and looked in the mirror only to discover puffy, puffy nanna nap eyes. Not a good look.

Better get used to it though because tomorrow night I start working night shift for two weeks and I don't have a history of sleeping well during the day! Sigh.

* NB I am not pregnant. Please do not ask.

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At 12:44 pm, September 10, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

sorry you haven't been feeling well..... and with night duty coming up too - thats a sad combination. Hope you pick up soon, and sleep well during the day.


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