Tuesday, July 10, 2007

blogging just might be good for you...

My stress levels have taken a hike in the last couple of days and I'm putting it down to recommencing study. It could also have to do with a trip to Newcastle this weekend during which I hope to avoid seeing one particular person. Actually two people.

But let's say I'm stressed because of study - altogether more easy to deal with and certainly true. I don't know how I'm ever going to complete four assignments, all over 2000 words, in two months, and that's without the readings!

It's providential then, that in the midst of all my stress (breathe Cecily, breathe) my very first reading* is about the physiological effects of stress. Actually - it's scary more than providential. Hormones that mediate the stress response also promote high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and abdominal fat stores.

I need to find a way to control my stress. Fast. (And while I'm at it do you think I could kick that adrenalin addiction too?!)

Fortunately the reading goes on to report on successful stress management techniques... coping skills, exercise, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy. And emotional expression with others, such as laughing, crying, singing, friendships and creative expression such as art and writing...

Did you catch that? Writing?

That means (are you thinking what I'm thinking?)... blogging reduces stress!

Perfect. Now I won't have to stop blogging while I'm studying. I'll need to write to ease my tension.

*Bambling, M. 2006. "Mind, body and heart: Psychotherapy and the relationship between mental and physical health" in Psychotherapy in Australia. 12(2); 52-59.

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At 2:02 am, July 11, 2007, Blogger Angela said...

so, does this mean i can blame my overly soft tummy on stress? awwwwwwwsome.
i just knew eating cake couldn't be bad.

At 2:30 am, July 11, 2007, Blogger Deanna said...

Hooray for blogging! I still find myself in mixed moods about it at times, but mainly I've decided it's good writing exercise, good connection with a few neat people, and so overall it's a stress reducer. Maybe you can write a paper about blogging benefits... ;o)

At 10:39 pm, July 12, 2007, Blogger Cecily said...

Of course it's not the cake!!!

Deanna, maybe I should just blog my assignments and kill two birds with one stone!

Biscuits are definitely sweet here. They can also be savoury, but we tend to call them crackers or snacks. And then there's jelly... which is something completely different here (jello I think for you).


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