Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the news reader didn't smile

I didn't want to think about it.
I didn't want to write about it.
I wanted to pretend it didn't happen.

If I didn't acknowledge it, maybe it would go away, turn out to be a dream.

The horror is too great to comprehend, the grief and madness might sweep me away.

But the news reader did not smile.
I could not ignore what really happened.

I wept.

For young lives, quick minds, hopeful dreams. All lost.
For lifeless bodies, glassy eyes, shattered dreams.

Too awful. Too tragic. Too hideous.

How can this be?
Who could do this?
What possessed them?

To the dead staff and students of Virginia Tech, may you rest in peace. For we cannot.



At 1:33 am, April 18, 2007, Blogger Lucidiocy said...


I felt such a deep shame for us, for humanity, when I saw what evil has wrought, but then someone like Liviu Librescu reminds me that all is not lost, that evil is not an "equal" opposing force to good. No, in fact, light will always banish the darkness, goodness far outweighs hatred, and that love can cover over a multitude of sin.


At 2:23 am, April 18, 2007, Blogger Cherie said...

My community had a nationally watched school shooting (Thurston) a few years ago, so when I heard about this all that sickness returned to my stomach. This one has far more loss of life.

What possesses a person to do such a horrific act is beyond me.

The fact that we are not indifferent, the fact that we find it so grotesque , so vile, does this help us see that goodness still exists?

At 6:52 am, April 18, 2007, Blogger Sandy's Notes said...

I have a hard time with this. I just cannot imagine going through something so awful.

At 11:13 am, April 18, 2007, Blogger Deanna said...

It is tragic. It's hard to imagine other parents of other college students (my daughter's in college) going through such agony.

Thanks for caring from way far away.


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