Thursday, February 22, 2007

raindrops are falling on my head

This morning it was bright and sunny - another hot day in a string of scorchers in northern Tasmania. Then mid afternoon the rain clouds started rolling in. Big, bulky, black clouds. Thunder and lightening did their thing across the sky, and then it started.

First a drop here, a drop there. Then a little harder. And then it absolutely pelted down!

My friend and I sat looking out the window in amazement... rain? Heavy rain? We've forgotten what it's like. Coffees finished, we took off outside, hoping our umbrella wouldn't attract a lightening strike, and racing to the vegie shop for tea time supplies.

By the time we came out of the shop we stepped into a different world. The rain was still pummelling the ground and anything else in its path, and the street was awash. Roads were rivers with gutters as banks, footpaths were rivulets and islands were... islands in a sea of murky runoff. Manholes spurted water like fountains. Navigation was tricky, and in a few short moments we were drenched.

But it was wonderful. Water. Drenching rain. I could have stood in it and let it run down my face, soak through my clothes, shrivel my skin. Except I'm far too sensible and I didn't want to ruin my friend's car!

Is this the end of the drought? Probably not, but we've had rain every week for three weeks now - and the scientists declared today that El Nino is over. We're at least heading in the right direction.

And after all the rain...

... a beautiful rainbow. Perfect.

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At 10:53 pm, February 22, 2007, Anonymous Sandy said...

Beautiful rainbow! I'd love to see a rainbow. We're expecting more snow tonight, I have a cold, and I'm wishing I could stay in bed all day. Zucchini and a rainbow, hym! You certainly deserve that rainbow Cecily!

At 9:31 am, February 23, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

I just heard about the rain in your town on the radio on my way home from dropping Bec off. How exciting! :)


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