Thursday, February 22, 2007

100 ways with 100 zucchinis

We did it! We grew 100 zucchinis! Well really it was our six plants grew 100 zucchinis - and counting. We didn't do much more than plant, weed and water. Easy.

'So what do you do with 100 zucchinis?' I hear you ask. Well, yes, that is the question! What do you do with 100 zucchinis? Here is my answer so far:
  1. Chocolate and zucchini cake
  2. Ratatouille
  3. Give several to the neighbours
  4. Zucchini soup in industrial quantities, frozen for a cold winter's night
  5. BBQ zucchini
  6. Grate and freeze for later use
  7. Take some to work for anyone who wants them
  8. Orange and zucchini cake
  9. Stuffed zucchini (with red lentils, onion, tomatoes, garlic)
  10. Zucchini bread. Double the recipe and freeze the extra loaves.
  11. Offer as many as possible around at church
  12. Zucchini bars (haven't tried these yet, but the recipe sounds good)
  13. Steamed zucchini with carrots and beans
  14. Sliced raw zucchini with a yummy dip
  15. Sauted peeled zucchinis
  16. Fish on a bed of potato with zucchini
  17. Carrot and zucchini muffins (still to cook these)
  18. ...
... OK I'm running out of ideas here! So far I've only had to throw three a way - they were fairly big and I kept promising to use them in something. They just went bad before I got to it. I much prefer the smaller ones.

Is it possible? Are there really 100 ways with 100 zucchinis? Any ideas welcome... pass this on. Ask your blogging friends to visit and make suggestions! I need you to help me get to 100. Please. I have too many zucchinis. (Could this also be a blatant attempt to rake in more readers?)

Together we can make it to 100!

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At 10:50 pm, February 22, 2007, Anonymous Sandy said...

Yum! I love zucchini. Especially on the grill. I'll have to check my recipes and see if I have anything different than you. I also would like to have #16! This is making me hungry and it's 6:48 a.m. here.

At 1:21 am, February 23, 2007, Blogger merry said...

A search for zucchini on Epicurious yields 479 results!

Let's see, from personal use, I've used zucchini in veggie lasagna, perhaps in a stir fry, and sliced, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs, and baked as a snack! (like fried zucchini, but healthier)

At 9:29 am, February 23, 2007, Blogger Robyn said...

I can only think of 3 things and you've got them all! Pretty impressive tally :)


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