Sunday, May 08, 2011

good on ya mum (the cutest thing)

I was in the supermarket the other day when I saw the cutest thing.

Mother's Day was almost upon us and a young boy (maybe 5 or 6) was with his mum. We crossed paths several times through the aisles, and I caught dribs and drabs of conversation - him all eagerness, mum the voice of reason:

"Did you see them Mum, did you see them?"
"You need to decide which one you want. I know you like them both, but they are expensive and you have to choose."

The pair lined up behind me at the checkout. I wasn't paying much attention, but suddenly a supervisor bustled over and said something to the checkout operator. Next thing she was in the line with us, quickly bagging up an all pink item and passing it over for a speedy scan. The little boy was beside himself - "don't look Mummy, don't look" - and mum dutifully faced away until the item was in its bag and all scanned up. No matter the bag was kind of see through, that the product would be listed on her receipt. Mum and staff played along with the little boy's best efforts to please and surprise come Mother's Day.

I see a lot of bad parenting, and children who act out their frustration on their parents. It was so sweet to see a mother and her boy saying 'I love you'. I couldn't help grinning as I walked away.


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